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Research users

We are always happy to talk through any questions you might have about your research needs. In the meantime here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

In our opinion sample sizes become less relevant in B2B research. With B2B we believe that it is more important to gather the views of the right people than dilute them with input from extra voices whose opinions are less important to your business. 

Our recommendation for B2B research is that it is always better to define an appropriate and meaningful sample of respondents who are representative of your target market. We understand the desire for the instant credibility that large sample sizes provide and work with clients to find the ideal balance for each situation.

These days online survey invitations have to work extremely hard to cut through the in-box clutter, provide reassurance of legitimacy and a suitably compelling call to action in the short time-frame before disappearing off the screen and being forgotten. It is vital to invest time in crafting the subject line, personalisation, email content, incentive design and the mail-out timing and reminders plan for maximum impact. Then pilot, analyse response and in-survey drop-out points and use the findings to optimise everything prior to main launch. This approach is time consuming but pays dividends for both B2C and B2B audiences.

There are instances where there is no substitute for face to face focus groups and the non-verbal observation opportunities they provide. However, in some circumstances there are considerable benefits in taking an online approach. Online discussion forums (sometimes called asynchronous focus groups) take place over a number of days with participants responding to a series of short tasks and moderated questions. The topics and questions follow a similar flow to a traditional discussion guide with questions formatted and phrased in a respondent-friendly way and shared with the group as a sequence of short tasks or themes. Particular benefits include;

  • Removing geographic limitations
  • Allowing respondents to respond at times that suit them widens the potential reach of the research to include those unavailable (or unwilling) to participate in evening groups
  • Making some questions private (potentially improving honesty)
  • Group answers can remain hidden until individuals have answered then they can engage with the wider group

There is a group dynamic present and also a much greater depth of one to one discussion between the moderator and the individual respondents than a traditional group permits.

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Research participants

Have you been invited to take part in one of our research projects? If you would like to know more about how market research works and what it is like to be part of it here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Market Research is an objective way of companies finding out what their customers or potential customers think about their products, services, advertising and new ideas. We use a variety of different methods to collect feedback and opinions including one to one depth interviews, telephone interviews, online surveys, focus groups and online forum discussions.

Taking part in market research is a great way to share your views on a range of products, services or issues. Input from people with relevant experience is one of the vital components of our work and the feedback we receive from those who have taken part is that the experience is interesting (and sometimes even fun).

“I really enjoyed the whole process and felt like we had a great outlet to express ourselves. If you need any follow up I’d be happy to help.”

Online forum participant

“It was a pleasure to meet you. Do let me know if I can help with anything in the future. I’ll be interested to see how it all turns out.”

B2B in-depth discussion participant

“Just to say, I really enjoyed the survey. It was great fun to take part and hopefully I will be invited again in future.”

Online survey respondent

Companies often engage specialist Market Research agencies to conduct research on their behalf. We provide an impartial view and bring additional resources to the project. In those instances the company provides us with a list of customers who have agreed to be contacted for marketing purposes.

Sometimes disclosing the name of the research sponsor may influence your answers and could bias the results. In many cases the sponsor will be revealed at a later point in the interview. If your contact details came from a customer database provided by the company sponsoring the research then the researcher will be able to tell you who the research is being conducted for.

Research is designed to capture the opinions of a representative cross section of the relevant audience. You may be invited to take part in research based on a number of different criteria such as your job, where you live, your age, the products you use and so on.

We comply fully with the Market Research Society code of conduct. Your confidentiality is assured, all replies will be aggregated for reporting purposes unless you have given express consent for your details to be revealed or for attributable comments to be reported to the end client.

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